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- 29 Jul 2009

Where to stay tip in San Francisco: choose your area

Before looking to book your San Francisco hotel reservations, it would be wise to know what area are best for you to book your hotel in. Ideally, you should choose a hotel that is close to the places your are planning on visiting, in a touristic area. The advantage to choose a touristic area is that not only your are close to all the fun venues and museums, but also you will have lots of resources to count on if you can’t find your way or can’t find your attraction. However, staying in a more touristic can be more pricey.

For that reason, people on a budget may decide to make their San Francisco hotel reservations further from the center of the city. If it is your case, make sure that you have public transportation nearby and that the hotel you choose is not actually too far from the city. Sometimes, people book without doing their research and find themselves to be over an hour out of the center of the city! San Francisco hotel reservations is here to help you make the right choice.


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