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San Francisco Convention Center Hotels

- 18 Apr 2010

To plan a business meeting, a convention or a conference is not an easy task. Depending on the number of people who will attend the meeting, the convention or the conference, it can be overwhelming, especially if you are knew to the business. San Francisco is a well known city for its convention centers, and when comparing San Francisco convention center hotels, there are a multitude of elements and details to look into. Price, location, number of people are only a few of the numerous elements you will have to compare or take in account. Of course, you can hire a professional convention planner to do the job for you. Those professional planners, however, come at a cost, and if you run a smaller business or new company, and find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done for comparing San Francisco convention center hotels, here are some tips for you.

1. Price is always important when looking for a convention, meeting or conference center. Before signing any contract, compare and shop for San Francisco convention center hotels prices and services. Use your dealing skills and try to get a price reduction on the quote, or some addition features and upgrades. Bear in mind that the venue wants your business just as much as you want theirs, and they may want to accommodate your price range or needs to get your business.

2. Location is a major point when choosing a convention center hotel in San Francisco. Do you need it to be close the SFO airport? Remember that the majority, if not all the attendees, will be flying to San Francisco. Make sure that shuttle services will make a stop at or near the hotel.

3. What type of convention or meeting room facilities does the hotel offer? Before booking a conference/convention room, it can be wise to ask who your meeting room neighbors will be. We have heard stories about meeting being held in a conference room, next to a room that was booked for a wedding or a private party. With the music rocking on the other side of the wall, needless to say that the attendees (and the meeting planner) where not happy campers and business professionals weren’t impressed!

Also ensure that you have a room big enough to accommodate everyone, including last-minute guests. To be successful, you need to be able to house everyone and have adequate meeting space. Nothing is worse to attend a meeting or convention and to be crammed with the other attendees in rooms that are too small.

Ask for the type of services offered meeting wise. Most San Francisco convention center hotels offer a meal and refreshment service, including waiters and other support staff on hand to bring the food and clean after and in between the breaks.

4. Guest amenities does the hotel offer?  You may want to look into : free high-speed wireless internet, a business center, big spacious and clean rooms, a gym and any other amenities you can thing of for your attendees. Guests are most likely to attend your next meetings/conferences/conventions if they were impressed the first time.

5. Look for nearby restaurants. Ask people, research online, do a small Google mapping of the nearby restaurants. Bear in mind that Wendy’s and McDonalds generally do not count as acceptable nearby restaurants. Try to contact the nearby restaurants to ask for discounts for you convention, meeting or conference attendees. Again, they want your business, therefore you may be able to bargain a deal with them.

6. If most the guests are visiting San Francisco for the first time, bear in mind that the attendees may want to bring their family or friends. Therefore, choose a location tourist friendly, with things to do and see, or at a walking distance from a main attraction.

Top 3 San Francisco convention center hotels

So what are the best convention center hotels in San Francisco? Here are some of the most popular San Francisco convention center hotels.

1. Sir Francis Drake Hotel

2. San Francisco Marriott Marquis

3. The Westin San Francisco Market Street

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