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Areas to avoid

Areas to avoid

- 29 Jul 2009

Where not to stay

San Francisco is a fairly safe city, and with some common sense, you should be able to do just well throughout your trip. Any touristic place will be safe. However, like any big city, San Francisco has some neighborhood you should try to avoid as a tourist.

Hunters Point/Bayview is definitely an area tourists should avoid, day or night. This area is extremely dangerous, but chances are that you will never even get close to there. Very few buses go there, so it is unlikely you will get lost in that area.

Also stay away from Visitacion Valley, day or night. Visitacion Valley is about two miles west of of Hunter Point/Bayview.

Although safe enough for tourist to walk through during daytime, Tenderloin is a place you should try to avoid at night. However, many people prefer to avoid Tenderloin altogether, because of its unsafe look.

Finally, other places to avoid are Mission (16th, 20th, 24th and 26th), Northern Addition, some parts of Haight, some places on Market Street (between 5th and 9th). Although they can be safe enough to walk through during the day, those places should be avoided at all time during night time, and again, it is preferable not to venture at all around those areas.

Overall, when making your San Francisco Hotel Reservations, try to choose a hotel/motel that is away from those areas. When walking around, unless you have a specific reason to go to any of those areas, try to avoid just wandering around them. If you are taking public transportation and are unsure of where you are heading to, ask the bus driver or any reliable person (police, firemen, store clerk, etc) and make your San Francisco trip a safe and fun trip!

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